About Quasar Technologies

Quasar Technologies develops products and services that streamline and optimize how the world manages, distributes and publishes content. Quasar's award-winning products have redefined how companies and individuals communicate and distribute information through our implementation of advanced technologies and the most flexible production workflow paradigms available within the industry.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to empower both companies and individuals to fully exploit the opportunities that today's communications technologies offer, through streamlining the delivery of engaging audience content to the user within an easy-to-use, future-proof content delivery platform. Our Vision is for Quasar-developed technologies, services and products to form the communications and management backbone that powers tomorrow's dynamic, content-on-demand, media-driven world.

Quasar products and services deliver multi-tiered value to our customers by providing lean publishing production efficiencies and cost savings at every stage of a multi-location, multi-lingual content value chain.


Our products

Products are built on innovative, best-of-breed technologies and industry standards that deliver value-laden user benefits in terms of increased efficiencies, an almost infinite combination of production workflow possibilities and adaptation to a variety of business models. Products are founded and developed on an open-systems philosophy to ensure seamless parallel business systems integration.

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Quasar products and services deliver multi-tiered value to our customers by providing lean publishing production efficiencies and cost savings at every stage of a multi-location, multi-lingual content value chain.

User-centric application interfaces are designed from the outset to deliver real-world benefits in terms of ease-of-use and increased productivity; all the while embracing today's ideal of a distributed, real-time, collaborative networked production environment.


Our Customers

Our current customer list includes some of the world's most successful companies from a variety of industries. Today, we are active in a range of markets from Multi-national retail, book publishing, medical and pharmaceutical, government, transportation, advertising agencies, corporate, OEM, consumer periodicals, international airlines, premedia and commercial printing.


The Future of Dynamic Digital Publishing

Yesterday, publishers were the gatekeepers and distributors of content. Today, we are all publishers. The emergence of a new breed of "empowered customer" - whether they be corporates or even individuals has seen the growth of a variety of both desktop and web-based applications designed to offer control and management over how user-generated content is created, managed, accessed and delivered. As a result, there has never been a more opportune time for Quasar to expand and take advantage of the groundswell in micro and macro content distribution.

Companies and organizations of every size are producing an immense range of publishable material. Apart from the obvious examples such as newsletters, brochures, catalogues, Point-Of-Sale material and suchlike; there are the more obscure applications such as workshop manuals, documentation, company reports and much more.


The corporate publishing environment is currently undergoing a radical transformation, as organizations embrace a more globally-managed but locally-executed publishing scenario. We are now on the verge of another major workflow shift with the advent of collaborative environments and resources which allow information to be shared among corporate intranets and to be reused to generate new added value.

The incoming push environments allow the design of new information outlets that will load (or overload) the desktop in every organization with pervasive information sources. As with commercial publishing companies, the corporate world has seen content creation shift towards a distributed, collaborative workflow embracing project participants from disparate sources. The new publishing vocabulary now includes freely interchangeable terms such as Freelancing, Sub-contracting, Outsourcing and Offshoring.


As a result, there has never been a greater need for companies and organizations of all levels of publishing experience to look towards implementing online collaborative systems that both address the immediate business process issues, but also embrace allied processes such as content management and asset management. At the same time, potential systems are required to integrate within existing IT infrastructure, existing and future changes in business and technology platforms - and yet still offer a compelling user experience. Quasar Technologies is the only company today with the expertise, existing product offering and required technological development expertise to take advantage of this opportunity.