West Texas crude oil trend chart

West Texas crude oil trend chart

Bank of America analyst Jeffries said that the current global idle capacity may drop from% of global supply to 2%. If it is achieved, this will be the lowest level since 984. If it is increased at the Vienna meeting next week The issue of output is passed, and this will happeWest Texas crude oil trend chartn.

India is another typical example. As the fastest growing economy in the world, India’s crude oil imports from Iran have reached an average of 580,000 barrels per day since the beginning of 208. As Iran's second largest customer, as the sanctions date approached on the 4th of the month, rising oil prices also exacerbated India's inflation level and caused serious fiscal deficits.

According to data released by the United States, the US crude oil API inventory fell sharply by 8.64 million barrels last week. At the same time, the crude oil distribution center Cushing's inventory level also recorded a decline, which made the market more worried about the sufficient degree of oil supply in the US market, and oil prices further increased. .

OPEC's output unexpectedly dropped. The International Energy Agency said that a total of about 800,000 barrels per day of supply has been shelved, greatly enhancing the impact of the production reduction agreement. The International Energy Agency also said that in order to further maintain the balance of oil prices and oil market supply, it is expected that the production reduction agreement will be further extended.

Sanalla said in a video statement posted on the company’s Facebook page: Today’s crude oil production is 527,000 barrels a day, tomorrow’s crude oil production will be reduced, the day after tomorrow will be lower, and daily crude oil production will continue to decline.

After Trump announced his withdrawal from tWest Texas crude oil trend charthe Iran nuclear agreement, US crude oil futures and Brent crude oil futures both opened up and moved higher. After hitting a three-and-a-half-year high on Wednesday, they continued to attack, and the current increases have reached 0.79% and 0.69% respectively. , Quotations are 77 US dollars / barrel and 774 US dollars / barrel.

It is a big problem for investors who do short-term trading to watch the market in time. I often hear investors complain about how much money they have lost when they come back after doing something because they went out temporarily and did not watch the offer. During this period, the technical crude oil trend was broken, the main force has already withdrawn, and it is difficult for crude oil prices to cover short-term later.

On April 20, U.S. President Trump posted on Twitter accusing OPEC of pushing oil prices to unacceptably high levels. On May 2, the Democrats in the U.S. Senate, who sensed political opportunities, wrote to Trump, blaming OPEC for rising oil prices, and called on Trump to put pressure on OPEC, especially Saudi Arabia, to increase the supply of crude oil.