Thomson Reuters crude oil spot

Thomson Reuters crude oil spot

In this regard, Varga explained that considering the supply situation in the United States, there are not enough fundamentals to support the current trend of crude oil. He pointed out that only three things can prevent the retreat-Venezuela's output continues to fall, Iran is sanctioned again, and the Syrian conflict escalates. US$00 is the ideal situation for Saudi Aramco's listing, but Saudi Arabia should remain Thomson Reuters crude oil spotcautious. Carsten, analyst at Commerzbank

However, Iran did not give up so easily. After all, in the next few months, the toughest sanctions will take effect. S&P Global Platts pointed out in a recent analysis of OPEC that the first shot of this war has been fired: Saudi Arabia has reduced the price of oil for all customers except the United States. Iran has done the same thing and said that if other oil-producing countries threaten its market share, it is prepared to do more. In fact, statements from senior government and military officials indicate that Iran is ready to close the Strait of Hormuz.

Sanalla said in a video statement posted on the company’s Facebook page: Today’s crude oil production is 527,000 barrels a day, tomorrow’s crude oil production will be reduced, the day after tomorrow will be lower, and daily crude oil production will continue to decline.

If the value becomes smaller, it means that the productivity of the country’s enterprises has declined, the economy has entered a depression, the consumption level of the people has fallen, and the market has fallen into a highly sensitive period. On the contrary, when the value increases, it indicates that the social economy is good, the enterprise productivity is high, the people's consumption power is enhanced, and the market becomes highly active. But what is its impact on crude oil?

There is always a popular saying in the investment market, investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market. And the risk is not just the risk in our operation. When you start to invest in spot crude oil, the risk has already followed you. For more spot crude oil investment related, please continue to pay attention to China Petroleum Finance.

When tThomson Reuters crude oil spothe K-line price rises from the lower rail to the middle rail, and macd has signs of a dead cross at the elbow above the 0 axis, KDJ surpasses the 80 line again, forming the elbow downward. The signal at this time is the resistance of the middle rail. Strong and difficult to break, it is a signal of hindered retreat. The accuracy rate is generally above 80%

It is not unrealistic that Venezuelan crude oil production will continue to decrease by 500,000 barrels per day before the end of this year. In addition, if the United States adopts comprehensive sanctions, this will undoubtedly release a strong geopolitical signal and bring more uncertainty to the global crude oil supply.