New York Mercantile Exchange Crude Oil Price

New York Mercantile Exchange Crude Oil Price

In addition, this panic will also be reflected in oil prices in advance. US Secretary of Commerce Ross will boost oil prices from this weekend to early next week if the negotiations go smoothly, but considering that this is a continuing fermentation problem and will nNew York Mercantile Exchange Crude Oil Priceot be easily resolved, the demand for oil may be questioned again.

Pompeo said in an interview that the United States expects to see significant changes in the Iranian nuclear agreement, otherwise it may impose tougher sanctions. Given that Iran's crude oil supply accounts for 4% of the world's crude oil supply, if sanctions are restarted, it will inevitably have a strong boost to oil prices.

As the US dollar continues to strengthen and emerging market currencies continue to weaken, purchasing power and fuel oil demand are further reduced. According to data released by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, EIA crude oil inventories increased by 6.805 million barrels to 4.2 billion barrels in the week ending August 0, which is expected to decrease by 28.58 million barrels.

In the opening phase, due to the violent entry of long-term forces, an empty jump gap was formed. Its characteristic is to play a role of support or resistance, and open positions along the gap direction also have a high winning rate.However, due to the types of gaps, there are ordinary, breakthrough, relay, exhaustion, etc. It is better to make a clear distinction based on the overall environment before acting.

If OPEC really implements an increase in production, Iran’s gains from high oil prices will be far less than Saudi Arabia, because Saudi Arabia still has 2 million barrels of idle capacity per day, which means that Saudi Arabia can increase production in a short time. At the same time, with the increase in production, oil prices began to fall, which will further hit Iran's crude oil industry.

TheNew York Mercantile Exchange Crude Oil Price Norwegian-based company said on Monday that overall energy demand in the United States and Canada will continue to decline in the coming months, as efficiency in the transportation sector has greatly reduced North America’s dependence on oil.

Russia and Saudi Arabia will meet in the opening match of the World Cup, when the crude oil policy will be discussed. It is reported that Russian President Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Salman will meet, as well as Russian Energy Minister Novak and Saudi Energy Minister Falih.

With the unilateral resumption of sanctions on Iran by the United States, the United States is not an importer of Iranian crude oil. It mainly suppresses the supply of Iranian crude oil by affecting imports from Europe, Japan, South Korea and other countries. The impact may be smaller than the previous round of multi-party sanctions, and the actual scale still exists. Uncertainty. In addition, after the US export ban was lifted in 205, and the WTI price advantage was added, my country's crude oil imports from the US continued to increase.