Monthly crude oil price

Monthly crude oil price

US WTI crude oil July futures closed down US$8, or 00%, on Friday, May 25, to US$688/barrel, a 2% drop this week. July Brent crude oil futures closed down $5, or 98%, tMonthly crude oil priceo $744 per barrel on Friday, down 92% this week.

After the last round of price adjustments, in addition to Hainan and Tibet, oil prices in Yunnan have already entered the 8 yuan era. It is expected that after this round of oil price adjustments, the price of 92# gasoline in more than half of the domestic cities will reach 8 yuan or more.

International crude oil prices jumped sharply overnight. US crude oil and Brent crude oil approached the key round mark of $70 and $80/barrel respectively. The following bullish market news pushed the oil market price to the multilateral end and may continue to ferment in the market outlook.

Birol said in an interview on Tuesday 9th that international oil prices are entering the red zone. He added that high energy prices have come at a terrible time, as global economic growth has begun to lose momentum, and we need more crude oil supplies.

It is one of the largest buyers of Iranian crude oil. According to data on the origin of crude oil imports given by the General Administration of Customs, imports of Iranian crude oil increased by 89% this month, and the value of imports increased by 02% year-on-year. In 207, the apparent oil consumption reached 100 million tons, the import volume was 200 million tons, and the foreign dependence was nearly 70%, making it the world's largest crude oil importer. A simple calculation shows that at present, crude oil imports from Iran account for about 2% of total oil consumption.

Sheppard cited satellite imaging data from an independent tracking agency that although many media claimed that Iran’s oil exports had fallen by more than half from the April peak of 2.5 million barrels per day, Sheppard pointed out that, in fact, Iran’s oil exports have only fallen slightly. . Data show that as of mid-October, Iran’s daily oil exports exceeded 2.2Monthly crude oil price million barrels.