Crude oil market today

Crude oil market today

The way is to be pure in mind, but tCrude oil market todayo go backward is to move forward. "

yellow box respectively. The red box is a large range. The top of the range is 41.5 strong

producing countries will still consider their own interests, market share and other factors.

Gold market trend analysis: the daily chart of gold shows that the price of the last trading

year, has stopped the expected management of production for two years. So far, from the data

If the oil price stops the correction as expected, you can pay attention to the lower 43.8 and the target position Crude oil market todayof $42. In view of the target location of this time, the oil price is relatively deep, and it is unlikely to be completed this week. If you hold positions at the weekend, you need to do a good job in security protection! Warm tips: the oil price was adjusted at 24:00 on December 3, and it is estimated that the oil price will be increased by 210 yuan / ton (0.16 yuan / l-0.19 yuan / L). For specific operation, please pay attention to the app of, query the latest oil price, and know how much the oil price has risen in advance?

Strategists point out that the key trading range to focus on is $1867 - $37. On Wednesday,