International crude oil price per barrel

International crude oil price per barrel

by month from the beginning of next year. However, the uncertainty of us International crude oil price per barrelenergy production

However, the epidemic is still impacting the oil market demand prospects. According to the real-time statistics released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 5:24 a.m. Beijing time, 75829 new confirmed cases and 1109 new deaths occurred in the United States within 24 hours. A record high number of new coronavirus infections per day in Europe, coupled with further closures, bodes ill for fuel demand.

at the high level, failed to continue the weak position and fell to below 1900, continuing

short conversion position, and when the market breaks, it will return to this position for

to relax its efforts to reduce oil production. OPEC + may adjust its oil production policy

power grids in Central China have all achieInternational crude oil price per barrelved positive growth, reaching 4.4%, 3.6% and 0.3%

agreement to limit production. OPEC + is considering options to postpone its 7.7 million B /

be increased by 100 yuan / ton (0.08 yuan / l-0.09 yuan / L). For specific operation, please