How do I find the spot price of Dubai Fatah crude oil

How do I find the spot price of Dubai Fatah crude oil

At present, today's crude oil price fluctuates in a narrow range around US$62. If the mid-term US elections in the evening meet market expectations, Trump may encounter restrictions, which will increase uncertainty in theHow do I find the spot price of Dubai Fatah crude oil financial market. The US dollar index will be suppressed, while crude oil and other commodities prices Will get a strong positive.

First of all, let’s take a look at why the week looks at Wednesday, because the plunge is closely related to Wednesday. I don’t need to say more about what day is Wednesday. Anyone who invests in crude oil should know that, Wednesday, June 5, 4:0, American Petroleum Institute API According to published data, as of the week of June 0, US API crude oil inventories increased by 80,000 barrels to 6.7 billion barrels, while crude oil fell slightly at the beginning of the Asian market and then fluctuated up and down.

In terms of member states, second-hand data show that Saudi Arabia’s May crude oil output increased by 550,000 barrels per day to 9.97 million barrels per day, the highest level in six months. Iran’s May crude oil output increased by 5,600 barrels/day to 890,000 barrels/day; Iraq’s May crude oil output increased by 770,000 barrels/day to 4.45 million barrels/day.

Oil prices rose for the second consecutive day on Wednesday, July 25, after US government data showed that domestic crude oil inventories fell to the lowest level since February 205, alleviating concerns about oversupply that have weighed on the market in recent weeks.

On February 9, the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company of the United Arab Emirates announced that the oil company Zhenhua Petroleum Holdings Co., Ltd. has taken over 4% of the Abu Dhabi oil block from Huaxin Energy Co., Ltd. Watson Corporation spent US$800 million in February last year to acquire 4% of the Abu Dhabi onshore oil block with a contract period of 40 years. CEFC has also reached an agreement with Abu Dhabi Petroleum Corporation to provide 10 million tons of oil per year.

However, the market regarded this speech as a signal to withdrawHow do I find the spot price of Dubai Fatah crude oil from the production reduction agreement, and oil prices have recently fallen rapidly. But analysts believe that it is impossible to completely withdraw from the production reduction agreement. Maria, research director at Vygon Consulting

In May of this year, Trump even worsened the situation and decided to re-impose sanctions on Iranian crude oil exports. Prior to this, the US sanctions against Iran caused crude oil supply in the global market to drop by approximately 0 million barrels per day. Therefore, as soon as Trump’s decision was made, oil prices rose sharply, coupled with Venezuela’s political instability, and crude oil output accelerated to decline. Brent crude oil once soared above $80, setting a new three-and-a-half-year high.

Between the end of 20 and the beginning of 205, the price of Brent crude oil fell by about $8 due to the increase in shale oil and OPEC oil production in the United States. However, the drop in oil prices is not just a supply issue. The slowdown in global economic growth also caused oil prices to fall by $26.