About crude oil trading

About crude oil trading

Among so many investment projects, spot crude oil investment is actually very good. Consumers prefer high-return and high-yield investments, so in recent years it has attracted the attention and favor of many investors. However, spot crude oil investment is risky. Warm reminder, you can’t just look at profits when making investments. Risk control is the top priority. The following China Petroleum Finance and Economics website tells you how to do spot crude oil investment? How to do spot crude oil? Many investors are not very familiar with the operation at the beginning. Here are some tips and suggestions for novices who are just beginning to invest: first familiarize themselves with the basic operations and operations It is the first step, including how to place an order, close a position, stop loss, take profit settings, and various functions of the operating system. Only when the tools are mastered can there be a foundation for profit. Newcomers are prone to making mistakes. Learn basic terminology. You must understand some basic trading terms, and you must understand it when communicating with others. This will also help you master the basic knowledge; don't operate blindly. I don't know anything in the early stage, but I am blindly confident and take it lightly after I have been lucky enough to make money. Don't make such a mistake. The best way is to find someone who understands, teach you with good skills, and learn from others. Learn more. Those who have the conditions can buy some books to see. This effect is very big. If you don't accumulate steps, you can't reach thousands of miles. That's what it means. If you want to do better, this is a must. It is very important to learn to take a good stop loss, and first do a good job of risk control. Many novices lose money in this way, and I also lost money at the beginning. Sometimes it seems that the market is lukewarm. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a stop loss. When the market breaks out, it’s too late. This is a bad About crude oil tradinghabit. Remember! Spot crude oil investment can make a lot of money if you don’t control it well. There are also great risks. If you earn money, you will owe you. If you want to learn more about spot crude oil, you can go to the China Petroleum Finance website.

However, the US website OilPrice quoted analysts as saying that the export data of 0 million barrels is unlikely to continue. The weekly export volume of the United States fluctuates sharply, and it has encountered some obstacles when maintaining the level of 0 million barrels per day for more than a week. .

The rapid growth of US crude oil exports is mainly due to the high crude oil production in the United States. In the month, the US crude oil production reached 700,000 barrels per day, a record high, surpassing Saudi Arabia and Russia to become the world's largest oil producer. The increase in U.S. crude oil production also depends on the shale oil producing areas in the Permian Basin in the United States.

Two of the four member states are only less than Saudi Arabia’s 7.5 million barrels/day and Iraq’s 600,000 barrels/day, and more than Iran’s 2.4 million barrels/day. The growth of US exports highlights the growing importance of the US in the international crude oil market.

Everything is moving towards the development that Saudi Arabia hopes. According to reports, in order to support the listing of its state-owned oil company Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia tends to support the rise of oil prices to the ideal level of US$80 or even US$00 per barrel, so as to better protect Saudi Aramco’s financing needs. At the same time, it can better help Saudi Arabia advance its "Vision 200" economic reform plan.

During the period from August 1st to 6th, Iran’s oil exports to Europe increased from 4.55 million barrels per day to 680About crude oil trading,000 barrels per day. Earlier reports stated that European oil purchases from Iran may fall sharply this summer, as importers try to avoid buying oil from Iran to avoid secondary sanctions imposed by the United States. After the lifting of Iran’s sanctions in 206, Europe and India made the biggest contribution to the recovery of Iran’s oil exports.

However, the "Petroleum Blue Book: Petroleum Industry Development Report 20" stated that the proportion of crude oil imports from the Middle East is declining, while crude oil imports from Russia and the United States are further increasing. It seems that the trend of expanding energy imports from the United States will continue.