Vanguard Crude Oil Fund

Vanguard Crude Oil Fund

Trading species: Middle East crude oil. In 200, TOCOM launched the Middle East crude oil futures contract. The contract uses Middle Eastern crude oil (the average price of Dubai and Oman as the benchmark price of Middle Eastern crude oil) as thVanguard Crude Oil Funde subject of the transaction. The contract specification is 50 kiloliters, the price unit is JPY/1,000, and the settlement method is cash.

The current federal funds rate futures show that the probability of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates in June remains at 98%. It also shows that the market has fully digested the possibility of two more interest rate hikes before the end of 208. We can pay attention to the changes in the number of existing home sales in the United States in April and the number of initial jobless claims last week. At the same time, there will be speeches by many Fed officials, which are also worthy of attention.

Analysts believe that the geopolitical crisis and the decline in inventories will continue to support oil prices. Investors will wait for the oil-producing countries to make a decision at the June 2-22 meeting. However, this uncertainty is an untimely bomb for oil prices.

In addition, the next round of refined oil price adjustment window opened on the 4th. After 5 consecutive declines, domestic oil prices are likely to usher in the first increase in the New Year on 4th, 209, due to the recent increase in international oil prices. U.S. dollars, it can be seen that the next round of refined oil price adjustment is more likely to rise.

With the renewed turmoil in the North Korea-U.S. meeting, Iran sanctions, Venezuela sanctions, EU tear-off and other major events are not yet clear and clear, Trump’s speech needs to be paid attention to. If Trump releases heavy news to stimulate uncertainty and risk sentiment, the US dollar The bulls fear pressure is good for crude oil prices.

As long as this foundation really exists, then crude oil trading itself is true and reliable, and an investment that exists objectively! We need not question this point. Well, since these things can be traded in the financial market, the country must set up or recognize some trading centers, that is, popular vegetable marketVanguard Crude Oil Funds. This can be compared to stocks, likening stocks to crude oil and precious metals, and comparing SSE and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges to a spot trading center.

According to Reuters, Saudi Energy Minister Falih said on Thursday that OPEC is expected to reach a moderate and reasonable agreement at the Vienna meeting. He expects the OPEC agreement to satisfy the market and agreeing to gradually increase production will be inevitable.